He’s Beautiful

He’s Beautiful
Main cast 1:
Shin-hye as Mi Nam
Name: Park Shin-hye
Place, date of birth: Paju (South Korea), February 18, 1990
Profession: Singer, Dancer, Pianist, Actress, Model
Active year: 2003 – now
Role: Go Mi Nam, Go Mi Nyu

Main cast 2:
Geun-suk as Tae-kyung
Name: Jang Geun-suk
Place, date of birth: South Korea, August 4, 1987
Profession: Singer, Actor, Model
Active year: 1998 – now
Role: Hwang Tae Kyung

Main cast 3:
Yong-hwa as Shin-woo
Name: Jung Yong-Hwa
Place, date of birth: Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea , June 22, 1989
Profession: Singer, Actor, Guitarist, Pianist, member of C.N. Blue
Active year: 2009 – now
Role: Kang Shin Woo

Main cast 4:
Hong-ki as Jeremy
Name: Lee Hong Ki
Place, date of birth: March 2, 1990
Profession: Singer, Actor, MC, Guitarist, Drummer, member of F.T. Island
Active year: 2007 – now
Role: Jeremy / Kang On Yu


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